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Photography: Ruben Lundgren

Text: Marije Vlaskamp

Design: -SYB-
Lithography: Colour & Books
Printing: Wilco A
rt Books

Publisher: 200cm
ISBN: 9789090343259
Distribution: Idea Books, Amsterdam

English, Dutch

160 pages, including 24 fold-out pages


500 copies

Sales price: 48 EUR

Publication date: August 2021


Real Dreams starts with a century old quote in which writer J.R. Chitty who explains that China, within the Western mind, is choked with the most ‘ludicrous incongruities’ that need to be assimilated before one can come close to understanding the country.
The photographs provide an exceptional wide-range of visual incongruities taken all over the most populous and fastest changing nation on earth. From a robotic bartender, full-automatic pet dryer, to alien whiskey salesman, the book gives a wholly original and humorous insight into present-day China on the basis of this absurd facade. Recurring themes in the work are the eager embrace of technology, the changing political climate and the malleability of photojournalism.

The book is distributed by Idea Books and is available in many specialized bookshops.


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