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Anything That Flies
Anything That Flies

Anything That Flies / 能飞的就行

Concept: Ruben Lundgren

Publisher: abC books, China

32 pages + text page


200 copies, numbered

Sales price: 40 EUR

Publication date: August 2022


Many of the wonderful dishes presented in this album go far beyond the common art of plating. The food reliefs, radish sculptures and other eatable delights were created for professional food competitions or served as sample wedding plates from the 1980s onwards. The temporary appearance most likely won over it’s flavour, but who would care?

Although chickens don’t fly nor bath much, they are well represented just like the cranes, ducks and the occasional sparrow. Yes, an exception was made for two lovely flying fish. Don’t forget to look at the side of the plates as well. Not only will you find some of the best baijiu but also, for the true photo-detective, a canned feast of tomato sauce and Flying Wheel luncheon meat.


Anything That Flies
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