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Dream Machine 造梦机器


Idea and concept: Ruben Lundgren
Design: Yin He
Publisher: 200cm, Jiazazhi
Translation: He Yining
Text editor: Heather Mowbray

April 2023

First edition of 500 copies
68 pages, 20x26cm
ISBN: 978-9-083318-10-3


Dream Machine presents a broad collection of Chinese portrait photographs taken behind witty cardboard machinery over the past century.

In photo studios all over the country no efforts were spared to recreate a modern atmosphere with two-dimensional imitations of the latest machinery in fashion.
From the first motorcycles in the 1940s, to planes in the 1960s and televisions in the 1980s. Not only does this kitschy album brilliantly signify China’s continuous craving for the new, but a truth even more transcendental altogether: that seeing is believing, and believing is seeing.


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