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01 Dream Machine cover square.jpg
Dream Machine

Publisher: 200cm, Jiazazhi, April 2023

Edition: 500 copies

Hardcover, 68 pages, Size: 20x26 cm

Dream Machine presents a broad collection of Chinese portrait photographs taken behind witty cardboard machinery over the past century. In photo studios all over the country no efforts were spared to recreate a modern atmosphere with two-dimensional imitations of the latest machinery in fashion. From the first motorcycles in the 1940s, to planes in the 1960s and televisions in the 1980s. Not only does this kitschy album brilliantly signify China’s continuous craving for the new, but a truth even more transcendental altogether: that seeing is believing, and believing is seeing.


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Anything That Flies

Publisher: abC books, China, August 2022

Edition: 200 copies, numbered

Hardcover, 32 pages, 1 text page, Size: 14x11 cm

Many of the wonderful dishes presented in this album go far beyond the common art of plating. The food reliefs, radish sculptures and other eatable delights were created for professional food competitions or served as sample wedding plates from the 1980s onwards.

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 16.08.14.png
Real Dreams


Published by 200cm

Edition of 500 copies

Softcover, 160 pages, 24x30cm

August 2021

For Real Dreams, photographer Ruben Lundgren traveled through China for six years on commission for De Volkskrant, among others. This book, through its 75 images, provides a humorous reflection on the country, with its own unique aesthetic. Recurring themes are the eager embrace of technology, the changing political climate and the malleability of photojournalism.

Foto12_Cover boek Ellen Thorbecke-Van Peking tot Parijs.jpg


Published by Lecturis

Edition of 1500 copies

hardcover, 160 pages, 23x29cm

Edited in collaboration with Rik Suermondt

Design Kummer & Herrman

July 2021

This book tells the story of a free-spirited woman who holds a singular position in international photography. In 1931, Ellen Thorbecke (1902-1973), born Ellen Kolban, travelled to China from Berlin to join her partner, the envoy Willem Thorbecke. As a journalist she purchased her first camera before departing for Beijing, and from then on she spent much of her time photographing daily life resulting in fascinating photobooks.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 13.06.04 copy.
China Imagined


Published by Eriskay Connection

Edition of 1000 copies

Softcover, 52 pages, 24x34cm

September 2020

China Imagined provides an overview of the exhibition of the same title held at BredaPhoto Festival. Using photographs of the individual exhibition spaces, the book introduces works by contemporary Chinese artists such as Pixy Liao, Feng Li, Guo Yingguang, Zhang Kechun and Ren Hang. Additional information is delivered through artist statements as well as a booklet in the center which includes artist profiles and interviews with the curators. The catalogue offers a comprehensive introduction to contemporary Chinese photography.

01b Cover Wow Taobao (in plastic) square
Wow Taobao


Published by Jiazazhi

Edition of 1000 copies

Softcover, 64 pages, 21x30cm

September 2020

The e-commerce platform Taobao owned by Alibaba serves consumer-to-consumer businesses all over China. The great variety of sellers and limited amount of cash spent on photography, make it a walhalla for those enjoying the genre of “useful photography”. This sticker album highlights many fascinating, artistic, inventive and surprising products shot in a witty way.

02 MeNu cover_edited.jpg


Published by the Archive of Modern Conflict and Galerie Ben Alors

Limited edition of 300 copies, signed and numbered

Hardcover, 2x 16 pages, 22x30cm

November 2018

Is it a book, is it a sculpture? No, it’s a Me Nu. The latest work by Ruben Lundgren and Timothy Prus has been produced to coincide with their exhibition “Anything that walks” held at the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival. All the pictures relate to Chinese food culture and are vernacular in the sense they were not made as art. The menus come in their own bespoke menu holder with a complimentary set of tooth picks.

 temp sales albums and Hlloe 0187small.j


Self Published on singles day 2018

Edition of 1000 copies

Design by LAVA Beijing

Softcover, 9.5x13.5cm

November 2018

Back in 2012 I was thrown back on the singles market. I installed Blued, Grindr, and Jack’d and started meeting up for coffees, casual hook ups and serious dates. Over the years I began taking screenshots of the funniest comments and weirdest conversation starters. It’s been six years since I initially signed up on these apps, I am now happy to share my collection in this booklet.

website TPB.png


Edited by Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren

Texts by: Gu Zheng, Raymond Lum, Ruben Lundgren, Stephanie H. Tung, and Gerry Badger

Design: Kummer&Herrman

Published by: Aperture, New York, June 2015

Hardcover, 348 pages

China has a fascinating history of photobook publishing. The Chinese Photobook reveals for the first time the richness and diversity of this heritage. This deluxe, lavishly produced volume is inspired by interest in propaganda books and in finding key works of socialist realist photography from the early days of the Communist Party, as well as contemporary books by emerging Chinese photographers.

cover small.jpg


Publisher: Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, June 2013

Texts: Feng Boyi and Liu Gang

Design: Liu Zhizhi

Softcover, 132 pages

Size: 26 x 36 cm

Exhibition catalogue to our 2013 solo exhibition at the Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum. In this book you’ll find ten of our other books reproduced, all printed on pink paper and with an introduction by well known curator Feng Boyi. The cover shows part of the exhibition poster, which is wrapped around the book.



Texts by: Sean O'Hagan, Bohm/Kobayashi, Merel Bem, and others

Design: Hans Gremmen

Published by: Fw books, Amsterdam, June 2013

Edition of 1500 copies

Size: 8,5x12 cm

Softcover, 190 pages

This tiny catalogue, published on the occasion of our solo show at Foam, shows our work through the eyes of Google Images. Combined with articles, reviews and a preface by Sean O'Hagan (art critic for the Guardian), this booklet gives an overview of our work from 2005 until 2013.

cover engels klein.jpg


Publisher: Kodoji Press in association with the Archive of Modern Conflict

Design: Kummer & Herrman

Size: 21,6 × 30,5 cm

Edition of 1200 copies

Softcover, 192 pages

November 2010

‘Tokyo Tokyo consists of a series of diptychs in which the mythical “decisive moment” of traditional documentary photography is lampooned. In their projects, WassinkLundgren playfully turn the unwritten rules of the photography upside down. But behind the joke is always a serious attempt to expand both the artistic as well as the social significance of their medium.’ – Frits Gierstberg, Nederlands Fotomuseum



Publisher: Badger & Press (China), June 2011

Design: Liu Zhizhi

Size: 12,5x13,5

Edition of 1000 copies

Hardcover, 100 pages

During the 2011 Chinese New Year, the song Disturbed, performed by Gong Linna, went viral on the Internet. This booklet shows a selection of bedroom singers who all recorded their own version of this song and uploaded it to the web.

cover Luxiaoben.jpg


Publisher: Badger & Press, China, June 2010

Design: Liu Zhizhi

Edition: 1500 copies

Size: 20 × 34 cm


Since I moved to Beijing in 2007 people have made comments about my height. As a reaction to this constant stream of amazement and jokes about 'the weather up there' I embarked on a three year project. My aim was to deliberately confuse this attention with fame and turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy. This book is a document of that journey, and functions also as a life size ruler for anyone up to 2 meters.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 23.18.48.png


Publisher: Self published in association with Veenman Publishers, May 2007

Text: Hans Moleman and Floris-Jan van Luyn

Design: Kummer & Herrman

Edition: 800 copies

Softcover, 64 pages

The photographs in this book chart the daily rituals of 24 refuse collectors as they go about their business. We placed the bottles in front of our view camera and released the shutter at the moment someone picked it up.

*Winner of the 2007 Prix du Livre for Best Contemporary Photobook*

Is Still Searching


Publisher: Self published, July 2006

Design: Yumigo and Drift

Edition: 500 numbered copies

Size: 15 × 18 cm

Softcover, between 1 and 52 pages

This booklet was conceived, designed and printed within seven days. The edit of the images was done afterwards. Every time we handed over a copy, we made a selection - on the spot - by tearing out the pictures we grew to dislike.

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cover shanghai forest.jpg


Publisher: Self published

Edition: 2 copies

Size: 60x75 cm

Hardcover, 13 vinyl pages

May 2005

This graduation project shows the 'board nature' of Shanghai. The photographs focus on the thin line between real and the printed images of nature. A humorist view on the huge developments of this city and the modern way of dealing with nature.

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cover sint gregorius huis.jpg


Publisher: Self published, May 2007

Text: Frater Roland Disch and Frater Kees Perdon

Design: Olga Lundgren

Edition: 1000 copies

Hardcover, 52 pages, Size: 20,5x25,5 cm

This book, published on the occasion of my BA graduation, shows a well-known monastery in the city of Utrecht and its residents. It combines interior photographs with portraits of the remaining residents and tells the story of a house that grew too big for its owners.

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